Why you need to focus on your UX

I’m in advertising.  I’ve run an agency for almost four years now.  I’ve worked with clients that range from your average mom-and-pop shop to international distributors and non-profits.  And through those experiences, my belief that the way you make users feel while they’re on your site is the key to your success has only been… Read More

So You Live Social Media

Running a digital advertising agency as a college student was pretty simple – my team and I grew up with the internet and ways to integrate it within customers’ businesses came naturally to us.  Often times, clients welcomed our age, feeling that since we were young we had a better grasp on the type of… Read More

Tell Your Customer’s Story, Not Your Own

As I’ve said in a few other articles, most businesses in any given industry are the same.  My company can get you set up on AdWords just as well as another, equally experienced digital advertising studio.  So what makes a company different? Quite simply, how it makes its customers feel. So why, then, are so… Read More