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So naturally, running a digital advertising agency has my team and I posting to tons of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts.  It gets busy.  And unless you meticulously write down all of your passwords in a little journal (which you should), you’re bound to go through a few password resets which just take time and are super tedious.

Enter Sprout Social.

Yellow Box started using it to manage all of our clients’ social media pages a little over a year ago, and it’s great.  While you can’t post to YouTube right now, you can hook up your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles, as well as your Google Analytics account.  Even if you’re not running dozens of pages, it makes life a lot easier.  You don’t have to keep tons of tabs open, and you don’t have to worry about the weird (and somewhat unprofessional looking) link shortening that goes on when you connect your Facebook page to your Twitter account.  It even automatically uses to shorten your links.

That ties directly into the reporting, which is amazing.  You can pull super in depth reports from all of your networks, track changes and trends, and even find out what time of day is best to post for your community.

Our favorite feature, though, is the post scheduling.  For example, when you have a few days’ worth of content planned out you can set it all up to go out on the dates and times you choose once.  Obviously, if something changes or you want to augment your plan, you can change or cancel the posts.

So, if you run tons of profiles or just your own for your business, it’s a great way to keep everything organized and in one place.  Plans start at $39/mo.

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Nate started Yellow Box Studios, a digital advertising agency based in Chicago, in 2010 as a high school senior. He's graduated from the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign with a degree in Creative Writing and is currently working on a Masters in advertising, also at the University of Illinois.