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So this is it – a semester’s worth of thought and work all brought to fruition.

From day one, I’ve been a fan of experiments.  Not necessarily the scientific kind (I think the last science class I took was freshman physics), but the adventurous kind.  While I’m not trying to slam science here, there is something to be said for going full steam ahead on a project and hoping that it works out.  That is my kind of experiment.  And, seeing as you’re reading this, it’s your kind of experiment as well.

Three years ago I started Yellow Box Studios with my friends to make money while making films.  It was the perfect idea.  But that idea changed, and has grown into something far different than I could have initially conceived.  I will be writing about that experience, as well as how being on campus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shaped what my business is today.

This site is yet another experiment.  One that will hopefully better the student-entrepreneurship community, and help bring about the realization that starting a business is easy, all while providing the tools to grow that business into something successful.

I ask for those students who have started businesses, or been part of such a venture, to reach out and share your thoughts and experiences (and don’t worry, I don’t believe in free labor).  If we all go full steam ahead together, I truly believe we can turn this site into a resource for every student out there with an idea.

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Nate started Yellow Box Studios, a digital advertising agency based in Chicago, in 2010 as a high school senior. He's graduated from the University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign with a degree in Creative Writing and is currently working on a Masters in advertising, also at the University of Illinois.