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Yup.  One of the the most basic things out there: a whole ton of paper.

My team and I live on Google Drive and DropBox, and every now and then we hit up the ole’ Microsoft Office.  But sometimes you need to have things written down.  Like passwords.  Passwords are a bad thing to forget, and a worse thing to lose to the interweb.  It’s a rule here that we don’t save passwords in a Google Drive or DropBox document because, rightly or wrongly, I’m a bit paranoid.  Someone could lose their laptop or phone, and everything goes kaput.

But that’s a worst case scenario.

The number one reason I’m writing about a whole ton of paper today is that nothing is more exhilarating than the empty page.  I have notebook upon notebook full of sketches and ideas, most of which are utterly terrible.  But they’re there.  And they’re a great starting point.

So not only are they a safe way to store all your passwords, they are a great way to get the ball rolling.

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